Mark 15:21-24 (Focus: The Crucifixion)

This week we carefully examined the sequence events as Jesus was led from the Praetorium to Golgatha. We talked about Simon of Cyrene and his children—possibly one of whom is mentioned in Romans 16. We also spent some time discussing Jesus’ refusal of the sedating myrrh-wine, and why He decided to experience all the pain of the cross. As we reflect on the significance of the Crucifixion, we took some time to look at it through the eyes of a variety of artists including composers, sculptors, painters, and film makers (links to each of the references are included below for your convenience, including Bach’s entire Markus-Passion.) Please take time to reflect on Jesus’ example of facing the cross head-on: He still had work to do, and even on the cross, He continued to reveal Himself to His followers and anyone else who was paying attention.

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“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”
— Brené Brown

Mark 15:21-24 ~ The Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus chose to remain alert and experience the cross with a clear mind.

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Resources for Today’s Lesson

Today we reflected on the Crucifixion through the arts. Here are links to the videos, sculptures, and paintings we viewed in class. (This is better than my PowerPoint!)

“Markus-Passion” by Johann Sebastian Bach (1731)

Click here for the lyrics and translation of this concert

“Dévot Christ” of Perpingan

Devot Christ

Be sure to click this link view all the photos of this incredible 14th century wooden sculpture of the crucified Christ:

“The Raising of the Cross” by Rembrandt van Rijn

The Raising of the Cross

Click here to read a Christian’s perspective on this historically important painting:

“Isenheim Altar Piece” by Matthias Grünewald

Isenheim Altarpiece

Click to learn more about this altar piece and to view the different images on each side:

“View from the Cross” by James Tissot

View from the Cross

Click here to learn more about this amazing painting:

Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan at the Stone Table

Here we see Aslan, the Christ figure, walk with resolve towards his death. He faces mockery, humiliation, and insult in silence, just like Jesus did. #powerful

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