Introduction to Acts, Part 2

This week, we finished up the introduction to our new study of the “Acts of the Apostles” with a broad overview of the book and the six-panel structure which shows the continual growth of Christianity from A.D. 30 through A.D. 62-63. This introductory study will cover date, authorship, purpose, key themes, and audience.

You’ll need a Bible and some colored pencils (optional) for our study today!

Acts of the Apostles (Introduction, pt. 2)

6-Panel Structure, Key Words & Themes

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Acts of the Apostles (Introduction, pt. 2)

Image Credits: Banner and social media images feature Miniscule 223 (Gregory-Aland) which features the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles. This dates to the 14th century and was copied beautifully by a monk named Antonius. The image is in the public domain, but can be found at the following link:

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