He's Really Alive!

Acts 1:1-8 ~ He’s Really Alive!

This week, we started our verse-by-verse study in Acts. We looked at the overlap between the final verses of Luke’s Gospel and the first few verses of Acts–similarities and differences–and explored the Ascension as the “watershed” between this two-volume work. We talked about what “convincing proofs” are, and why Luke’s record of post-resurrection appearances and teachings sheds light on our understanding of the gospel.

>>Click here to read today’s text in NIV, KJV, HCSB, and RSV: Acts 1:1-8 <<

He’s Really Alive! (Acts 1:1-8)

* Recorded: LIVE. This audio has been edited for class member privacy, time, and content.

Additional Resources:

  1. There was no PowerPoint this week.
  2. Most scholars agree that Luke was probably a Hellenistic Jew. Theophilus could have been anyone, possibly even a Roman official! Here’s an article that explains—better than I did—what a “Hellenistic Jew” is. I highly recommend that you read it.  https://gotquestions.org/Hellenistic-Jews.html
  3. Here’s a graphic to show the difference between the two Greek spellings of the word we translate “Jerusalem.” The way it’s spelled gives us a clue as to the intended audience.
    Two alternate spellings of Jerusalem
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