Speeches in Acts

Acts 2:14 ~ The Speeches of Acts

This week we continued our break from verse-by-verse study, and instead, we surveyed the large number and wide variety of public speeches in Acts. We also discussed various approaches to the source material for them including: verbatim inspiration, fabrication, and research-based summation (still inspired). We reflected on the freedom the Lord allowed for the writer’s own personality and style to come through his writing. We studied Luke’s exclusive use of the Greek participle statheis in the New Testament, and the picture it should paint in our minds. Finally, we compared Peter’s interpretation of Old Testament Scripture to a Hebrew pesher which was common in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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The Speeches of Acts ~ Acts 2:14

Speeches, Inspiration, Interpretation

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This is a photo of the white board written as we looked at each verse in context:


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“A.D. Season One: Adam Levy as Peter” by NBC/Joe Alblas


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