Growth of the Early Church

Acts 3-6 ~ Growth of the Early Church

This week we began our study of the next section of Acts (chapters 3-6) in which we will be observing the blessings and challenges that come with quick and exponential growth of the Jerusalem church under Peter’s leadership. We briefly surveyed the healing of the lame man at the Temple (Acts 3:1-10); however, our discussion took a slight detour into the importance of manuscript evidence and proper hermeneutics when we study the Scriptures. Then, we dove straight into a great discussion about the differences between translations and paraphrases of the Bible. We also spent a little time examining Christianity’s emergence out of Judaism. 

>> Click to read this week’s passage in KJV, HCSB, ESV, NIV: Acts 3:1-10 <<

Acts 3:1-10 ~ Healing of the Lame Man

Healing, Growth of the Early Church, Manuscript Variants, Translations

* Recorded: LIVE. This audio has been edited for class member privacy, time, and content.

Additional Notes:

During the lesson, I mentioned a new version that’s coming out soon, but I could not recall the name: It’s called “The Passion Translation.” The concern is that while this particular version markets itself as a translation (not a paraphrase), according to how we’ve always understood the word “translation,” it’s not really a translation at all. Here is a great article that explains the issues:

 What’s Wrong With The Passion “Translation”? by Andrew Wilson

With more than 50 versions of the Bible, how do you know which translation is the “best” for you and those you teach?

Read more at What Bible Translation is Right for You?



There was no PowerPoint this week.


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