Acts 3: In His Name

Acts 3:11-16 ~ In His Name

This week we dove a little deeper into Peter’s second sermon going verse-by-verse through Acts 3:11-16. The stage for this scene was within Solomon’s Colonnade of the Temple in Jerusalem. As the healed man (no longer lame) held onto Peter and John, the crowd rushed over in amazement to better understand what they were witnessing. Peter took advantage of the opportunity to speak to a “captive audience,” and immediately clarified the source of the man’s healing: FAITH in the Name of Jesus who was glorified by God the Father. 

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Acts 3:11-16 ~ In His Name 

An Act of Healing Faith, Killing the Author of Life, Raised by the Father

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Notes on the White Board During Class

Acts 3:15
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Additional Resources

This week I recommended the following resources for your Bible study “library”:
Bible Parallel, Strong’s Concordance, Vine’s Dictionary (for word studies)

Here’s a link to the Bible App I LOVE! 

The MySword Bible app for your smart phone has a KJV complete with Strong’s numbers, AND you can click on them to see the Greek or Hebrew words, pronunciation keys, and their definitions & roots! It’s FREE!

MySword Bible

What’s So Special about September 23, 2017? 

** Here’s an article to address something that was mentioned during class regarding September 23, 2017.**

Music & Worship  

For your listening pleasure, I couldn’t resist including the following songs: 

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