"The Amazing Simon" Is Amazed

Acts 8:9-17 ~ “The Amazing Simon” is Amazed!

This week we were introduced to Simon (a.k.a. “Simon the Sorcerer” and “Simon Magus”), and according to Simon himself “Someone Great!” Although there is not a lot of information about Simon in the Bible, early church fathers wrote about him with enough detail that we are able to sketch his character and his beliefs and his contribution to the gnostic heresy.

We examined a variety of reasons the apostles sent Peter and John to Samaria, as well as the significance of their “laying on of hands” so the Samaritans would receive the Holy Spirit. We also discussed the curious interpretation of the words “bewitched” and “amazed” in the King James Version.

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Acts 8:9-17 ~ “The Amazing Simon” Is Amazed!

Simon Magus; Simony; Peter & John; Holy Spirit; Samaritan Pentecost

* Recorded: LIVE. This audio has been edited for class member privacy, time, and content.

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Greek-English Interlinear of Acts 8:9-13
Click the graphic below, and you will see that the three Greek verbs (highlighted) translated as “bewitched” and “wondered” in the King James Version in verses 9, 11, 13 are from the exact same root. They have different endings due to the tense and person, but it’s the exact same verb in all three places. You can visit this page on BibleHub.com here: http://biblehub.com/interlinear/acts/8.htm

Acts 8 - Interlinear
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