Eve Ezer Kenegdu

Women of the Bible ~ Eve (Ezer Kenegdu)

The first woman mentioned in the Bible is Eve, and she is literally mentioned by name only four times in the Bible, Eve’s story is recorded in Genesis 1-4. She was created to be Adam’s “EZER KENEGDU” (suitable helper) because it was not good for him to experience life alone. She also took the first bite of forbidden fruit sharing it with Adam who was right there with her.

According to Jo Saxton, the majority of times the word EZER appears in the Old Testament, “it describes God, as He is delivering and rescuing (helping) His people. It’s a word conveying power and strength, a word with military connotations.” In other words, EZER is “not someone deemed unable to do more than assist because of their weakness, but one who can help because they have the passion, power and purpose to do so.”

Although KENEGDU is often translated “suitable,” the meaning is more nuanced.

According to Dr. Victor P. Hamilton, “The creation of this helper will form one-half of a polarity, and will be to man as the south pole is to the north pole…. Any suggestion that this particular word denotes one who has only an associate or subordinate status to a senior member is refuted by the fact that most frequently this same word describes Yahweh‘s relationship to Israel. He is Israel’s help(er).”

It’s time to get in touch with our “inner ezer” and step into our role as warrior wife and passionate protector of peace (shalom).

Eve Ezer Kenegdu

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