Sarah: Miracle Mom

Women of the Bible ~ Sarah (Miracle Mom)

From the moment we meet Sarai (lit. “princess”), she is already married to her adoring half-brother Abram. Sarai is beautiful inside and out, and she loves her husband! Together they leave everything and (almost) everyone they know to set out on an adventure with the LORD.

Sarai, the original “pioneer woman,” moved with her man on a journey to a foreign land. Abram was very protective of his wife (although some of his methods were questionable), and she followed his lead wherever they went.

Sadly, Sarai and Abram struggled with infertility. She so desperately desired to be a mother that she offered her servant as a surrogate (which was culturally acceptable in those days) in the off chance that she was the infertile one, not Abram. When her servant conceived, the inevitable mama drama that ensued proved to be too much for her.

Eventually, Sarai accepted her barrenness and gave up on her dreams of motherhood. But then, one day, God. Showed. Up.

As she eavesdropped on Abram’s conversation, she heard an incredible prophecy: She would [finally!] become a mother. And what was her reaction? “OMG! No way!!! Bahahaha!!!” 🤣

Sarai laughed to herself…but when she was confronted about the laughter, she immediately denied it. Why? She didn’t want to jinx the prophecy! Her name was changed from Sarai (“princess”) to Sarah (“chieftainness”). And she did conceive. At age 90! She survived the pregnancy, the delivery, the terrible two’s, and much more!

You can read more about Sarah’s life in Genesis 11-23 and Hebrews 11.

Sarah: Miracle Mom

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