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Acts 8:20-24 ~ Not For Sale

This week, we finished up our study of the interaction between the apostles and Simon Magus. For real. We zoomed in on the final verses of the narrative where Peter apparently ‘curses’ Simon for his attempt to purchase the ability to bestow the Holy Spirit. We discussed the difference between “believing” and faith that leads to Lordship. We also examined Simon’s response to Peter’s command to repent and pray—focusing especially on the tone in the narrative.

We also discussed various ways this story has been preserved not only for historical reasons but also because it forces us to take a look at our own motives.

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Acts 8:20-24 ~ Not For Sale

Simon’s apparent refusal to submit to the Lord is a lesson for all of us

* Recorded: LIVE. This audio has been edited for class member privacy, time, and content.

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