Movie Preview: Paul, Apostle of Christ

If you watched the series “A.D. The Bible Continues” (2015), you, like me, were left aching for more. I remember thinking, “No! They can’t just send Paul away like that! They have to follow him. There’s so much more to share!” For THREE LONG YEARS, we’ve been wondering if anyone would EVER pick up the mantle and tell Paul’s story with decent actors, historical and cultural accuracy, and biblical integrity.

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I’m SO EXCITED to share that Affirm Films has done just that—and with a cast that will blow your socks off!

  • Luke ~ Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ)
  • Paul ~ James Faulkner (I, Caesar; Downton Abbey; Game of Thrones)
  • Priscilla ~ Joanne Whalley (A.D. The Bible Continues)
  • Aquilla ~ John Lynch (The Secret Garden)

The Apostle Paul is one of the most enigmatic characters of the nascent church. Originally obsessed with doing everything he could—and he did a lot—to wipe out “The Way,” this man had a dramatic encounter with the risen Christ at the most unexpected moment. It left him blind, disoriented, and questioning everything. 

It. Changed. His. Life.

This new movie, “Paul, Apostle of Christ” begins where Paul’s travels eventually end: In prison. In Rome. His dear friend, Luke (Jim Caviezel), has come to visit him with a pressing desire to record Paul’s stories. He writes about his conversion, his missionary journeys, his partners in ministry, and more! This project eventually turns into two-thirds of the book of “Acts” (which I happen to be teaching on right now)!

Scripturally Accurate

I am extremely grateful for filmmakers who not only understand how important it is to tell the old, old stories, but also make every effort to research the cultural and historical context of each event and stick as close to Scripture as possible in the dramatization:

We always start with Scripture first and foremost. Everything that we then bring in to try to create the world and to build the palette of characters, it all has to be referenced against Scripture. That’s the number one thing. Basically what I do, I come to scripture first, and then I start to reverse engineer. For example, Why is Luke in Rome, in the Prison? Well, at the beginning of 2 Timothy, we learn that everybody’s abandoned Paul, other than, he says specifically, Luke is with him…”
Andrew Hyatt, Writer/Director

I can tell you that every scene and every piece of dialogue and every line has been gone through meticulously between us at Affirm Films and Andrew and the producers over the last year plus to make sure that we have something that in a concise way delivers a Paul and Luke character that honor and are in line with Scripture and also help fill out their lives in a way that helps us deliver a compelling story.”
Rich Peluso, Executive VP of Affirm Films

The film will be released in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 23rd. You can learn more about the movie and enjoy free access to videos, photos, and downloads by visiting the official movie site here:

You can learn more about the movie and enjoy free access to videos, photos, and downloads by visiting the official movie site here:

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