Book Review: “Laugh It Up!” by Candace Payne

First of all, let me just say that if you’re looking for something authentic, real, vulnerable, deep, life-impacting, and funny as all get-out, then you found the motherload! You can pre-order it right here, right now: You’ll laugh! 😂 You’ll cry! 😢 You’ll crave tacos! 🌮 Oh my goodness, y’all. This book. This. Book! Whew! Chewbacca Mom Made Us Laugh […]

Book Review: Christian Standard Bible

Over the past few months, I’ve been using a new translation of the Bible called the Christian Standard Bible. Published by Holman Bible Publishers in early 2017, the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) is an unexpected, yet (apparently) necessary, update of the 2004 Holman Christian Standard Bible. About the Christian Standard Bible Translation When a well-established publishing company produces a […]