Mark 14:72-15:1 (Focus: Repentance)

This week we studied Peter’s repentance after he realized his denial of Jesus; clarified the “three” trials; and learned a little bit about the first-century Roman Prefect, Pilate. This lesson served as a warning against becoming cocky in our faith (no pun intended), because we’re all vulnerable to temptation. We were encouraged as we discussed Jesus’ response to the […]

Mark 14:12-72 (Focus: Betrayal & Denials)

This week we did a quick overview of the rest of Mark 14. We looked at a literary technique Mark uses in his Gospel to “SANDWICH” one story into the middle of another with an intentional and discernible theological purpose. The sandwiches emphasize the MAJOR THEMES of Mark’s Gospel— especially the meaning of faith, discipleship, bearing witness, […]