Acts 1:15-20 ~ What Happened to Judas?

This week we studied Peter’s stepping into leadership, what happened to Judas, and why his position was replaced. Since Matthew’s account of Judas’ demise differs from what Luke recorded, we examined the so-called discrepancies to see if they could be reconciled. We also took a side trip (a.k.a. rabbit trail) to discuss the evolution of […]

Acts 1:1-8 ~ He’s Really Alive!

This week, we started our verse-by-verse study in Acts. We looked at the overlap between the final verses of Luke’s Gospel and the first few verses of Acts–similarities and differences–and explored the Ascension as the “watershed” between this two-volume work. We talked about what “convincing proofs” are, and why Luke’s record of post-resurrection appearances and […]