Documentary Review: “Last Days of Jesus”

In the documentary, The Last Days of Jesus, a few well-known (thanks to the History Channel H2) liberal scholars collaborate to weave a “new” narrative about the Crucifixion based on extra-biblical sources: secular historical records, select pseudepigraphal writings, and recent archaeological discoveries. Last Days of Jesus Produced by Simcha Jacobovici (“The Naked Archaeologist”)—featuring local UNC Professor James Tabor and […]

Acts 1:1-8 ~ He’s Really Alive!

This week, we started our verse-by-verse study in Acts. We looked at the overlap between the final verses of Luke’s Gospel and the first few verses of Acts–similarities and differences–and explored the Ascension as the “watershed” between this two-volume work. We talked about what “convincing proofs” are, and why Luke’s record of post-resurrection appearances and […]