Real Men Report Sex Trafficking

I honestly do not get it: WHY does it seem as though some people CANNOT control themselves sexually? WHY do many of them purchase sex?

When I lived in Nevada (where prostitution is legal), I learned a lot about “brothels.” In Nevada, some women choose to go into prostitution because they can earn money doing it. For the most part, women employed at the brothels are paid, frequently tested for STDs, and some of their “bosses” make sure they have access to medical care, food, and shelter. It’s not a life I would choose, but it is legal.

Sex trafficking, however, is NOT legal. Although you may find sex trafficking victims in well-run legal brothels in Nevada, you’re more likely to see them victims at cheap hotels all over the United States where prostitution is illegal and generally frowned upon.

If you suspect sex trafficking, report it!
Call the National Trafficking Hotline 24/7/365:
Callers are anonymous. 

Many trafficking victims are being sold for sex—often MULTIPLE times a night—on the dark web. This goes on 24/7/365.

If you’re purchasing sex, have you ever considered that you might be #3 that night? Or #5? Or #20 that week? Doesn’t that concern you? How do you know the person whom you touch is not going to infect you with an STD or worse? Are you really that desperate for sex? Really? You can’t control the urge? Really? You have a spouse and children at home, but you’re paying someone else for sex? What if the girl you’re with were your own daughter being forced to have sex with someone else’s daddy? What if the little boy was your own son being forced to do the unthinkable with some stranger? Over and over again?

Or maybe they’re addicted to drugs! What fun is that? Having sex with someone who is drugged or numb to the experience? Putting your own health at risk for a lethal combo of STDs? WHY would someone pay to do this? Is his or her self-esteem that low that they can’t find love? A healthy relationship? Are they so horny they just can’t control themselves? Hedonism as a way of life is ultimately DESTRUCTIVE!

The real question I have is this: WHY would you want to have sex with a victim of human trafficking? With someone’s daughter or son who is being held against her or his will, FORCED to be with you. How is that even remotely pleasurable? Look within. What is it that makes you think you need to force yourself on someone who is unwilling? If you’re addicted to sex, you can get help by calling the Sex Addicts Anonymous at 1-800-477-8191. You can visit their website here: Getting help for sexual addiction doesn’t mean you’ll never have sex again. What it does mean is that you’ll get back to a healthy lifestyle with freedom from addiction.

Remember, if you suspect sex trafficking, report it by calling the National Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Callers remain anonymous.