When I Pray

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When I pray
I lay
My requests
At your feet
Where we meet
Heart to heart,
And I start
To cry out,
“Remove my doubt!
Help me trust
That you are just;
Take my pain,
And send the rain
To quench my
Thirsty soul.”

When I pray

A way
Opens up
Before me
I didn’t see
Until I threw
My cares to you.
Only then
Could I see
Your plans for me
To prosper, not harm;
To be led arm in arm
Into the wild
As a child
With you by my side.


When I pray
My day
Dawns bright.
I feel your light
Warming my soul,
Making me whole,
Renewing my hope,
Helping me cope
With what lies ahead.
The trials I dread:
More bills to pay;
My hair turning grey;
The ups and downs
And smiles and frowns
In my blessed life.


When I pray
You display
Your power and
Give your peace.
You never cease
To amaze!
I give you praise,
O, Holy LORD.
Your Word. My Sword.
Guide me now.
Show me how
To live for you
reign anew
in my life.
Remove all strife.


And so I pray
For ears to hear
Your words so clear;
And eyes to see
Your work in me;
A heart of grace
Toward every face
You bring my way;
My bias, slay,
That I might be
Salt and light
In this fight
For humanity.
All this I pray.

In His Name.

When I Pray (A Poem)

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The background photo was taken by my husband at sunrise from Yavapai Point at the Grand Canyon.