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Laura Zielke headshot. She is wearing a dark purple blouse, gold dangly earrings, and thick-rimmed glasses. She's smiling because she loves serving nonprofit leaders.

Hi, I'm Laura!

I am a Nonprofit Executive Coach, Educator, Entrepreneur, and INTJ Female—Yes, that's a thing!

Grounded in principles of equity and inclusion, Laura’s work with nonprofit leaders is informed by her extensive experience serving thousands of noprofit executives in Nonprofit Leadership Lab, 25+ years running her own marketing business,  and a lifetime of volunteer work. Her expertise and holistic support make her an essential resource for individuals and organizations seeking meaningful and lasting change.

I believe we are hard-wired for connection and growth—physically, emotionally, spiritually—and the strongest connections are forged through authenticity and vulnerability.

Laura wearing a favorite sweatshirt
Love this sweatshirt from 🔗A Meaningful Mood
Photo of Laura's family standing outside the Mariner's Museum in Virginia
Enjoying The Mariner's Museum in Virginia with my family


Quick Scan BIO

❤️ I have been married for 27 years to a cute guy I met online

 🎞️ We have one adult son who is a skilled video editor & RWBY enthusiast

😎 I was born, raised, and educated in California

🌄 We’ve lived in North Carolina for 20+ years and spend lots of time on the Blue Ridge Parkway

🐧 I think penguins are the cutest creatures on the planet

Work with Laura

Laura has impacted the lives of thousands through her various leadership roles. Working with leaders of small nonprofits is one of her greatest joys, whether she is facilitating a deep dive book club, teaching a course, or offering one-on-one coaching.

Laura Zielke Headshot - in office