From Masks to Mastery: Navigating the Midlife Journey of Self-Rediscovery

From Masks to Mastery: Navigating Your Midlife Journey to Self-Rediscovery

Have you ever felt like there’s a version of yourself hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be rediscovered? The journey towards uncovering our true selves is a powerful one, and it’s a concept I first encountered a few years ago. It all started with a lecture by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr on ‘True Self, False Self.’ Since then, these terms have resurfaced in various contexts and teachings, resonating deeply with the idea that each of us is born with a soul – our true essence – which can become buried under layers of a false self. Join me on a transformative exploration as we delve into the realms of the true self, false self, and the neuroscience that supports this fascinating journey.

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